Recently, Friends For Life Foundation (FFL) completed an incredibly successful fundraising event in partnership with Dillard’s department store!  It was arguably the most exciting fundraising event held in the history of Friends For Life Foundation geared toward operations.  The event created a lot of buzz at the Foundation, as well as in the community.

The following week, the Foundation held its Mid-Year Planning Session where we began educating our Board and informing our members regarding the awesome responsibility of being a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization!  Consultant Jasper Tanner brought a compelling amount of information to us on this topic, and advanced our course for future prosperity as a Foundation. Armed with more knowledge around 501(c)3s,  we turned our attention to setting “S.M.A.R.T” (Specific, Motivating, Attainable,  Relevant, & Trackable) goals for implementing our 2015 FFL Strategic Plan. Consultant Robert Brown partnered with Strategic Implementation Committee Chairman Vanessa Henley in an interactive exercise where FFL committees will begin to lead efforts for achieving our dreams.

Moving forward, Friends For Life plans to enhance our marketing efforts for telling our story in the community. We look to develop meaningful partnerships in the for-profit, as well as the nonprofit space, and continue our fundraising efforts at FFL, our number one goal as a Foundation.

Further on the horizon, Friends For Life will be recruiting strong, enthusiastic Board members, and fostering policies that align with our strategic direction.  We look to continue educating our members, promoting the highest ethical standards, and advancing financial stewardship.

We look forward to providing service to our communities and working with community partners!


Anita B Helton, MBA

President, Friends For Life Foundation, Inc.